Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Apple Walnut Mosaic Coffee Cake

Making it in time for the THB bake before we had a month's holiday... hehehe, Sounded like we are having school holidays:-p

This month, Mich, Piece of Cake had selected this bake and I must say it is another wonderful recipe as well. Mich had done up a very nicely walnut stresuel cupcake style, and they looked very appealing.. Do hope over to her blog for the recipe:)

I had baked mine in a 8" bundt pan, halving the ingredients, and modifying some of the ingredients like replacing the wholemeal flour to wheat flour, cranberries to raisins, brown sugar to golden caster sugar, reducing quite a bit of the sugar level.

The batter was a bit stiff as mentioned in the book, but to my surprise, this cake was so soft & moist. I like this cake very much, indeed. 

As I had reduced quite a fair bit of the sugar, the apples & raisins compliment the sweetness in the overall cake. 

Definitely another recipe for keeper!!!


  1. Hi Mimi,
    Your bundt cake looks lovely! Yes, the batter seems a little thick at first, but it turned out moist and soft. I reduced the apples and some of the nuts too! Definitely another keeper recipe!

  2. Hi Charmaine, I love how you made it in a bundt pan. It looks so moist.

  3. Hi Charmaine,

    Our bundt pan version looks FAB I must say!! It is a lovely cake, my DH loved it. Will bake it again soon!

  4. This cake really does look great in bundt version. Yours looks lovely with a twist of raisins! Yes, this recipe is definitely a keeper & I'm baking this cake for X'mas! :)

  5. Hi Mich, thks!! Yes, it was really soft & moist..:)

    Hey Emily, yup I agreed too:)) Hmmm, seems like im the only one enjoying the cakes i baked these days at hm...:))

    Hi Kit, thks!! I thought so too:-p Mine, i was rather stingy w my raisins as i dun really fancy them, but regretted putting too lil of them too... Ya, it is a great bake for xmas:))

  6. Hi Charmaine,

    I like bundt version of this cake. Yours looks good. I find this recipe very interesting too for resulting moist texture even that its cake batter is stiffer than usual.


  7. yeah, although the batter was very thick, the cake was so soft. I like this cake a lot too!You got a nice looking bundt cake here!

  8. Hi Mimi,

    your bundt version is very encouraging and looks very moist too. I might change my mind about not making it again ;) Nice one!!


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