Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh dear!!! I found little chicks on my egg tray!!!!

Check your egg tray too!!! Have you found any little chicks hatched just like mine???
I had saw these little egg cakes baked in Baking Wonderland. I was pretty amazed by them as they were so adorable. I decided to try baking them myself. Keeping the egg shells for a couple of weeks, I finally tried this recipe on Monday after I got back home from work. Mimi was so cute, she went to the egg tray and told me, "Mummy, the chicks come out already"
Here is how I baked my "eggs". Cracking the top corner of the shell. Washed them thoroughly, and make sure the inner white "lining" of the shell were being removed. Before using them, it is best to boiled them over boiling water for about 5 mins to kill any bacteria.
Here we have, after baking... The tedious part was peeling off the egg shells... which I detest... hehehe...
My niece was here over the week, so she got a chance to try all the bakery that I had attempted these past few days. Nat on the other hand was very keen on the "egg cake". She loved them so much, and had 4 of them. She told Mimi not to eat the balance 4 eggs as she would like to keep them for her breakfast tomorrow, and she did:-D

Ain't these little chickys so adorable.... Do try them, they are really quite fun & interesting. And the kids will be so thrilled as well. Even my hubby had said the "egg" look so cute after putting on the "eyes" & "beak", and its "hair... hahahaha
Here is the recipe as adapted from YeeWennie Yap from Baking Wonderland.

Recipe yields about 12-15 eggs, depending on the size of the egg shells

2 eggs(room temperature)
39g sugar
35g plain flour(sifted 3x)
18g canola oil
1 tsp vanilla essence

1. Beat the eggs & sugar until white and fluffy, using high speed.
2. Add in vanilla essence and continue beating for another 2 mins.
3. Fold in the sifted flour, mix well.
4. Add in the oil and mix until well-blended.
5. Pour the batter into a piping bag and pipe the batter into the egg shells about 3/4 full. Gently knock on the egg 2-3 times.
6. Bake in a preheated oven of 180C for about 20mins or until "egg" is baked.
7. Remove from oven, set aside to cool. Once cool, gently peeled off the shells.
8. Decorate the "chicks". I used chocolate emulco for the eyes and strawberry paste for the beak.

Catch these little chicks before they run away.....


  1. I saw steamed version of 'chick'. 1st time seeing baked version. They are indeed cute especially with different hair style :)

  2. I didn't even bother to sanitize my egg shells like you did... oops... the chicks are so cute :)

  3. another cute chicks!
    how did u remove the inner white lining? that must be very tedious!

  4. Hi Vivian, yes, Mich had did her steamed version, looks good too:)

    Mich, thks! Ya, I hv to sanitize the egg shells:-p KS...

    Alice, thks! When u wash the shells, it is rather ez to remove the inner lining. But abit tough for me cos i have huge hands & fingers... hahaha..

    Nashreen, thks:)

  5. So cute, I don't mind these little chicks on my table! Definitely will bring lots of smile to anyone who sees them!
    Well done!

    1. Thanks Joyce:) Oh yes, indeed, they brought little thrills to evryone:-p

  6. Good idea, can make them for easter as easter eggs!
    But I would have to be careful painting the eggs! :p

  7. ai cute lah..the time i think you can consider giving them some hair colour..LOL!

  8. You did a good job with this chicks in eggs cake. Elvis would have approved of their hair!

  9. Wooo.... these are soo adorable! I agreed with Emily that Elvis will be trilled see these cute chicks! ;)

  10. kekeke, thanks ladies!!!

    Miss B, really hv to be gentle with the peeling... they are so fragile..hehehe

    Lena, ooooh, wat a great idea.. hair dye as to my hair too!!! hehehe

    Emily & Kit, kekeke, Elvis..., me tink soo too...:))


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