Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Golden Puff Pastry with Peanut ♡花生油角♡

I bought one of the cookbook recipe, and for this month, they have some Chinese New Year Goodies, and this Golden Puff Pastry with Peanut is one of them.
I took half of the recipe to try out. It was rather simplified in fact.
Mixing all the ingredients and kneading it into a dough, and resting it for 10 mins before we roll it out.
I remembered when I was rather young, my Aunty used to make these Peanut Puff Pastry and it was delicious. And we were having fun making these puffs. Initially when I tried to make the folds, I couldn't get the rhythm, seems pretty clumsy with it.. but subsequently with the following puffs, I managed to get the folds done up nicely.
Hehehehe.... I like mine stuffed with lots of peanuts. I know those selling outside are filled with miserable amount of peanuts, so since these are homemade... so why not...??? :-D
I had used those ready-made peanut powder from the supermarket for my convenience.
Hubby & Nat loved these Puff Pastry very much... Nat had 4 at one go...
Here is the recipe for some of you whom might be keen and is a "Kok Zai" fan:-D
(using half of the ingredients, and a 5-cm round mould, yeilds about 25-30 puffs)

300g plain flour
70g shortening
1/2 tsp salt
160ml water

1. Combine flour, shortening & salt, mix well. Add in water, knead to form a dough. Rest dough for about 10 mins.
2. Cover dough with cellophane paper (cling wrap) up and down, roll into thin skin, and cut skin into round shape using a mould.
3. Spoon in a little peanut filling on the skin and form into a mini puff.
4. Deep-Fry puffs in a hot oil over low heat until cooked through and golden brown. Dish out, drain well. Serve.

Peanut Fillings
150g toasted peanuts
80g sugar

Blend peanut in a food processor till fine, dish out and combine it with caster sugar, mix well.


  1. 这个非常靠功夫的也。。。。。。可是是好好吃的。

  2. Charmaine, these are my favourite and I admire you have the patience to make these. Very time consuming.

  3. your peanut puff pastry looks so good, all nicely knead...was that time consuming? I am very clumsy always cant make small things look good

  4. HiHi Ladies... yes, a little time consuming but fun... back aching too...hahahaha... But wen u see people enjoying it.. it is worth the time:)

    Mich, yes, ours too!!! with lots of peanut fillings...

    Step, practice makes perfect

  5. This is one of my favorite CNY cookies! Looks so yummy & I think it's worth all the hard work . Homemade is always the best! ;)

  6. Hi Charmine,
    My favorite CNY goodies.
    Like the crispy skin and yummy peanuts fillings!


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