Thursday, February 14, 2013

Banana Macadamia Chocolate Chips Cake, A Healthier Choice (Vegetarian-No egg, No Dairy)

Nope... I am not a vegetarian, in case you wondered why these days I kept baking vegan cakes....hehehe...

It is going to be a good long 15 days for the Chinese Lunar New Year and the last day will ends on the 24th Feb, 初十五。And I am sure by then, everyone of us would have gained a little more weight than usual due to the goodies and the delicious delicacy during these periods... I am probably 1 of them too... Oops... kekeke....

So today, I will like to share this great recipe from Alex Goh's, Fabulous Cake Business.
His Eggless Banana Cake, he claimed that this cake is moist and dense, and moreover, his cake recipes never failed any....
 I had to try this recipe, also partly because I liked to use up my 2 over riped bananas... LOL...
I had baked it in a 7" inch round cake pan and 3 regular sized muffins. I personally felt that it will be better if you could baked them in muffins as it will take shorter time in baking and it is more easily consumed... In fact, Nat had taken 2 of the muffins after I had baked them, I was glad as she told me that she loved these muffins as they were so yummy...♡♡♡
Well, she was right... Straight after I had taken the pictures of the cake, I had taken a bite of it... Yes, it was indeed, moist and dense, with the macadamia nuts and chocolate chips in the cake....ooooh.... it was just plain awesome... Though I had cut down about 50g of the sugar, the cake tasted well because of the sweetness of the overripped bananas. My friend had also tried one and he said they were fabulous!!!

A very light, moist and dense cake is what I had gotten here...☆
So, what are you waiting for... Start now and eat a little healthy today...♡
Recipe as adapted from Alex Goh's, Fabulous Cake Business
(With slight modification to change this cake to a Vegan Cake)

160g Banana, mashed
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp baking soda (omitted)
180g butter (replaced with 180ml canola oil)
170g sugar (I cut down to 125g)
160g milk
1/8 tsp banana flavour (omitted)
250g plain flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
15g plain flour
150g raisins
(For (E), I had totally omitted all & changed to my preferred choices, 75g chopped macadamia and 50g chocolate chips)

1. Mix (A) until well blended & set aside. Soak the black raisins in (E) in water for about 10mins & squeeze it dry. Toss them with flour.
2. Beat (B) at medium speed until light and creamy. Gradually add (C) and beat until light and smooth. Mix until well combined.
3. Add in (D) in a few batches & mix until well blended.
4. Pour batter into a 7" cake pan and bake in a preheated oven of 180C for about 50-60mins or until a skewer stick comes out clean.

(As I had replaced butter with canola oil, I had mixed the milk, sugar and oil in a big mixing bowl. Mix well to get the sugar a little dissolved. Add in the flour and combined well.)


  1. This looks like a healthier cake. So delicious.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family :)

  3. Hi Mimi, your cake looks delicious! I've seen this book at Popular and could not make out my mind whether to buy it, when I went to Popular a couple of weeks later, I could even find a copy! :(

    1. Hi Joyce... oh, really?? I cant remb if i had bot tis book in sg or in m'sia. But tis book by Alex Goh is worth it... his sponge cake was fantastic too^^

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  5. This looks delicious! Your recipe didn't say when to add in the banana.


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