Saturday, April 13, 2013

Legoland, Malaysia

Our hot & sunny day at Legoland.
Well... Basically we were a little burnt as the sun was sorching hot. We had 2 different tones on our body after a 1-day trip to Legoland.

We left home about 8.00am in the morning and went by Tuas 2nd Link as it is much nearer to the legoland. After clearing through the Immigration, look out for Exit 312-Nusajaya. Follow the signboard for Legoland to reach to your destination.
 The weather was great in fact... Too sunny for a theme park. Perhaps it would be better if there are more trees or shades around... I would think I need a dip in a nice and cool pool after visiting Legoland. Hahaha.... Even some of the rides were sorching hot and burning our butts off...:-p
 We had to put on our sunglasses, the caps,the umbrellas, lotsof cold fluids....

 The girls had their fun with the legoland playtime and most of the rides. Nic and I had gonefor our thrilling roller coaster rides while Daddy and the other 2 gals had gone for their 4D Movies.

A walk through the Miniland built by using Lego.

Here are some of the familar buildings you might be familar with???



 Time to shop for our souvenirs and bye bye Legoland... Till then...:)


  1. Now I see your face MiMI.

    Looks like it was a pretty hot day for me. I can't bear the hot there, really wish to have 4 seasons in Malaysia. The kids must be enjoying themselves.

    Compare to Singapore, Malaysia feels hotter than SG.

    1. Lol...Angeline I "appeared" in my blog posting once in awhile...^_^

      Oh yes! It was really very hot. Im still getting my 2 tone colors of shades. The kids loved it.. They said they wanna go again but I think its quite enough of tanning for that day and never again...hehehe:-p

  2. Hi Charmaine,
    That was a sunny trip eh!
    Can see your girls are having so much fun!

    Two tone skin, my sil from UK love it. Every time she comes home for holidays she will wear singlet to have her skin tan. According to her, her friends in UK will envy her to have a tan skin after a holiday. Saying that tan skin means got free time and money to enjoy
    Have a great week ahead :D


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