Tuesday, July 1, 2014

日式炼乳奶油吐司 • Japanese Condensed Milk Bread

Recently this 日式炼乳奶油吐司 • Japanese Condensed Milk Bread seemed to be quite popular and I decided to give it a try and see how delicious it was.

I loved the unevenness of the bread, topped with almond flakes and dusted the bread off with generous icing sugar.

This bread had a very soft and fluffy texture, with the buttery & milky taste. 

This bread had also remained soft even up til the 3rd day of the bake.

I had baked these Japanese Condensed Milk Bread in two different pans, you can read them in the method below.

日式炼乳奶油吐司 • Japanese Condensed Milk Bread
Recipe as adapted from 肉桂打噴嚏Homemade Kitchen
Original recipe:HB♪練乳マーガリンのスイートリースパン


200g bread flour
20g sugar
3g tsp salt
3g instant yeast
25g condensed milk
130g milk
20g unsalted butter

Condensed Milk Filling
20g condensed milk
20g unsalted butter

15g sliced almond
icing sugar for dusting


1. Put all the bread ingredients into your mixer bowl, knead on Medium speed for about 7~10 minutes to get a smooth, pliable dough. Allow it to proof for about 30 minutes, or until the dough doubles up in size.

2. Meantime, place the Condensed Milk Filling ingredients into another bowl and allow the butter to soften. Mix the condensed milk + soften butter to get a smooth paste.
*Just leave the butter & condensed milk in a bowl at room temperature. The butter will soften, and you will be able to mix it into a smooth paste.
*Melting of the butter is NOT required.

3. Once proofing is ready, roll the dough into a rectangular shape (fig. 1). Spread the condensed milk filling (fig. 2) onto it, and cut the dough into 4 equal strips (fig. 3). Stack the dough strips onto one another and cut them into 8 equal parts (fig. 4).

4. Place them into a 8-inch chiffon pan and allow them to proof for the 2nd time, about 30-40 minutes. 

This is a 6-inch chiffon tube pan.

This is a 8-inch cake pan.

5. Sprinkle some almond flakes on the ready dough and bake them in a preheated oven of 150C for about 20-25 minutes. Remove the bread from the bread pan and dust them generously with icing sugar.

-Different oven varies different temperature. Kindly adjust accordingly to your oven temperature.
-You can use different sizes of cake pans or muffin trays to make these bread.

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  1. Hi MiMi, I saw many bloggers making this popular bread. I'm going to try it out soon :)

    1. Ann, you should try it.. Bread texture is great but a pity, my girls do not fancy them :P

  2. Hi MiMi, this is very delicious.

    1. 向日葵葵, yes, its very nice, I had brought it to the office and we all finished it... or maybe my colleagues were forced to eat them??? LOL...

  3. For the condensed milk filling, do u need to double boil the condensed milk with the butter in order to soften the butter? Will try to bake this bread soon.

    1. HI Amanda, just leave the butter together with the condensed milk at room temperature.
      The butter will soften and you can mix it together with the condensed milk to form into a smooth paste. :)

  4. Hi Mimi, I have seen this bread circulating among bloggers too and rather curious about it…maybe I'll give it a try too!:) Yours look so good, I like the one with the soufle liner in the middle.

    1. Hi Jeannie,yes yes, you should try it..so far many good comments abt these bread..you can bake them in a cake pans you like:)

  5. Lovely bread. I have never used condensed milk in bread making before, an interesting ingredient! Your bread have wonderful texture and looks yummy, perfect for breakfast and tea-time snack!

    1. Thks Joyce. This is my 1st attempt with condensed milk too and it is looking great.

  6. Is the 130g milk used fresh milk?

    1. Hi Beatriz, I used the normal UHT milk. Fresh Milk is also okie.


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