Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Butterless Zebra Cake

Do you know what I have here???

Yes, you are right!

A Zebra Cake... Does it look zebra-ty enough???

But this Zebra Cake was also butterless...No butter was being used in this cake recipe. Instead, yogurt & oil were some of the ingredients.

I chanced upon this recipe while looking for a perfect Zebra Cake, and I thought this recipe was interesting. It used a yogurt pot to do the measurements of the flour, sugar and oil. 

Pretty cool wasn't it???

The cake had a very nice cake fragrant...and I was excited about the whole cake, the texture and my zebra patterns....

I had cut down some sugar level, but I think it was still a little sweet for me... Cake texture wise, could be a little dry but overall of the cake was rather alright. So if you like to try this butterless cake, you might wished to try it??? And perhaps you should cut down on the sugar too... :D

So how did I fair with my Zebra patterns???

☆ Butter-less Zebra Cake ☆
Recipe adapted from Elena, Chilly Frosting

(with slight modifications 略有修改 

1 3/4 pot caster sugar (I used 175g instead of 200g)
2 eggs 鸡蛋 2个 
1 pot low fat yogurt 1低脂酸奶 (120g)
1/2 pot canola oil 菜油(70g)
3 pots of plain flour 普通面粉 (225g)
4 tsp baking powder 4茶匙发酵粉
1 tsp of extra dark cocoa powder 1茶匙深色可可粉


1. Grease & floured a 7-inch round cake pan.
2. Whisk eggs & sugar in your mixing bowl on high speed until you get a thick pale yellow batter.
3. Turn to low speed, gradually add in the yogurt. Pour in the oil in a thin stream.
4. Add in the sieved flour & baking powder and mix until well combined.
5. Divide the batter into 2 portion : 1 portion=original batter, 1 portion=original batter mixed with cocoa powder. 
6. Using a tablespoon, pour 2 tbsp of the original batter in the center of the pan, followed by another 2 tbsp of the cocoa batter. Alternate the batter and continue until the batter are used up. Give the pan a few knuckles.
7. Bake in a preheated oven of 160C for about 30-35 minutes. Allow the cake to cool in the pan for about 10 minutes and then let it cool on a wire rack before serving.



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  1. i think the entire post is cool.. love this set of pictures! ok... now i can have the cake (watch it) and eat it too ;)

  2. I like your zebra very much....they just looks so neat and tidy!

  3. The zebra stripes look perfect!! Definitely a huge fan of healthier recipes like this! That is a lot of sugar though!

  4. Hi Charmaine, I like your zebra strips design very nice. I like cake with added yogurt makes taste & texture better. But 4 tsp baking powder seems alot to me. Very tempted to try ^-^!

  5. Very pretty cake especially the zebra pattern.

  6. Oh Wow! Your zebra cake look so perfect! I've tried once making zebra cake but quite dissapointed with the end result. Turned out to be overly dence & wet . I'll give your recipe a go soon for my son's birthday. Thanks for sharing this recipe . ;)

  7. Hi Mimi, is the yogurt sweetened or unsweetened?


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